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Gembitz LTD is an international scientific production company that invests into scientific research and industrial production of synthetic gems. We made cooperating with us available on the base of an online program in order to be able to expand our investments. This is a mutually beneficial process and we guarantee our investors high profit that is ensured by our product and technological manufacturiång lines. The presence of the word ‘GEM’ in our company name fully represents the nature of our activity. Have you ever thought of what people are ready to do in order to become the owners of the desired gems that have always been considered the symbol of wealth, power and loyalty?

What makes the business of synthesizing gems profitable?

The global consumer market is living through another period of demand stagnation nowadays. It is not only true for industrial goods. This tendency has made impact on all the branches of economy. That’s why a huge amount of industrial companies is forced to reduce the volume of output and minimize their expenses in order to preserve their workforce and tried and tested technologies. However, there are branches of economy that keep showing steady growth of the volume of output and retail sales even under this economic conditions. The production of synthetic gems is one of them. Regardless of the general financial condition of the world finance and the level of purchasing power, synthetic gemstones seem to be an absolutely necessary and indispensable component of many spheres of production and human life.

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Business profitability and prospects

Taking into consideration the enormous capacity of this market, we concluded that investing money into production has the largest possible economical effect, since gross capital expenditure is usually only required at the initial stage of creating a technological production line. In other words, we invest a huge amount of money into the means of production, since the price of the raw materials is almost incomparable with other expenses and the final profit. For example, the price of the raw materials required for manufacturing a 2 carat synthetic ruby is 1 cent, while the price of a 1 carat synthetic ruby may reach $2, which is 200 times more. Understanding that our manufactured goods will always be sold, regardless of the economic situation in general, paved the way for locating our main production facilities in China. As everyone knows, China is one of the most economically powerful countries in the world. Investment, made into manufacturing facilities of gemstone production located in China, is a correct and beneficial strategy. Cheap resources and simplified tax policy of this country provide opportunities for growth and increased profits. We easily managed to double our output of synthetic rubies, sapphires, and hydrothermal emeralds, which are widely used in both technological production and jewelry industry. They provoke market competition due to alternative low prices in comparison to natural analogues. The result of applying such a technology is the emergence of new opportunities for the company’s growth and the increase in gross income of Gembitz LTD by 400% in comparison to 2014. This increases the cost and credibility of our company in the international market of manufacturing and selling synthetic gemstones, as well as the attractiveness in terms of investments, which creates preconditions for growth and development of Gembitz LTD.

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